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Four International artists from Italy, Argentina and Lithuania will stayed in DAR residence for two weeks. During the residence programme composers wrote a new pieces for solo piano, which were performed by Italian pianist Daniele Buccio on 18 August in the XVI International Competition-Festival "Music Without Limits".

Selected artists:
Claudia Jane Scroccaro (Italy)

Daniele Buccio (Italy)
Ramiro Mansilla Pons (Argentina)
Ramūnas Motiekaitis (Lithuania)


Participate in the DAR Program 2015 was an enormously satisfying experience for me. Have the opportunity to compose a work in the tranquility of an idyllic site as it is the village of Druskininnkai, with a lot of forest and lakes, it is something valuable that does not happen often. I have also found that the Lituanian Composers Association, which organizes the residence, is an entity that successfully promotes the creation, interpretation and dissemination of contemporary music, not only of Lithuanian musicians, but also able to consider inviting a composer of a country as remote as Argentina. That speaks highly of the institution ecumenical openness. As if that were not enough, have the chance to premiere the work with a wonderful pianist as it is Daniele Buccio, it was a closing gala. But perhaps the most rewarding experience was to have shared precious time with some wonderful people, as Daniele himself, the composers Ramunas Motiekaitis and Claudia Jane Scroccaro, the little Grete, and always guided by the friendliness - the composer Egidija Medeksaite, a kind of guru of the group. I have only words of thanks for everyone involved. ¡Los tengo presente!
Ramiro Mansilla Pons


The time passed at the 2015 DAR programme has been very meaningful both professionally and, most importantly, personally. The conditions to concentrate and become creatively productive were ideal in its setting and the Lithuanian Composers' Union have provided us with everything we might have needed, also beyond our expectations: a very large two-floor apartment, with two private studios (each of them equipped with a piano) facing the woods was simply inspiring!
The sense of gratitude for the limitless hosting qualities and generosity of the DAR is enormous. Egidija was very kind to all of us and made a lot of effort in creating opportunities for gathering and spending time together.
Most of all, this time in Druskininkai has offered the opportunity to identify with and fully experience what "being an artist" really should mean, something that most of us usually only grasp in the hectic everyday-life.
Finally, getting to work closely and to exchange ideas with such intense and inspiring friends like the Argentinian composer Ramiro Mansilla Pons, who travelled for almost three days to reach Druskinikai to share his music with us, Ramunas Motiekaitis who has delighted us with his company, his thoughts and ideas about life and music and a very unique Shakuhachi nocturnal performance, and the Italian pianist and composer Daniele Buccio who performed our new works with deep understanding and great knowledge and to whom I would like to express the most sincere gratitude.
Being able to reside at the DAR has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new great friends, create under the best possible conditions, confront oneself with an interesting and stimulating environment such as the Lithuanian contemporary music, learn about Lithuania's culture and history, and to feel part of an international artistic community.
Claudia Jane Scroccaro


A description of the weeks spent at the residency of the Lietuvos Kompozitorių Sąjunga in Druskininkai could not fully report the intense sensations, the deep impressions and the overall thoughts sprung from the entire time, so I apologize for such a synthetic account of the experience.
The days flew by quite peacefully and the mind could be involved in a daily piano practice and in composing a new piano piece in a state of extreme concentration and without hindrances; these conditions were immensely favourable to the improvement of the composition and performing commitments and this is something I feel particularly grateful for.
One of the most important aspects of the whole experience was for me the collaboration with other composers in view of the performance. The possibility to daily refine the details of each piece was unique under this respect; Claudia, Ramūnas and Ramiro were very patient with me and Egidija's assistance during the last days of the stay was irreplaceable, letting me reaching the best conditions to premiere the pieces.
I also felt a special closeness to many people who were with us during this time and participated to our project. All the events that occurred during the Dar enabled a significant artistic and personal evolution and I hope that many artists in the future could benefit of this opportunity.
Daniele Buccio

Piano Solo
Foto: Egidija Medekšaitė


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