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A.I.R program at DAR 2016 for international artists in the music, visual and interdisciplinary arts

The DAR Programme offers artists to realize selected projects during the period of two to four weeks by awarding residence scholarships and providing rent-free apartments for the selected period.

We invite artists to stay and work in the Artists' Guesthouse of the Lithuanian Composers' Union in Druskininkai, a year-round international resort some 130 km southwest of Lithuania's capital Vilnius.

During the period of their residence, the scholarship holders of the DAR Programme are expected to create and present their new work(s), thematically related to the theme of DAR programme.

Theme: Composers should create a new work for brass ensemble until 5 minutes, other interdisciplinary artists must write a proposal of new project, which could involve local community and artists.

: 15 November 2015
Residency Period: from 2-4 weeks on May, June, October 2016
Support: free accommodation during the residency period and honorary depending on the staying, publicity and an assistance of a program coordinator.
Application procedure: Applications can be downloaded from DAR or ResArtis website and to be sent to
E-mail subject: Proposals DAR 2016.
Qualified candidates will be contacted on February in 2016.

An open call is announced in DAR website or Res Artis website in the beginning of December for two weeks. Artist must download and fill the APPLICATION FORM.
Applications must be sent to E-mail subject: Proposals DAR. Qualified candidates will be contacted in February.

The artists, participating in the DAR Programme, will be provided free accommodation at the Artists' Guesthouse of the Lithuanian Composers' Union in Druskininkai.
The scholarship holders can use the in-house facilities for free; we may also partly compensate for the cost of performances and artworks (please note: reimbursement schemes are subject to change each year, depending on the programme's allowance).

Categories of international residence scholarships for Lithuanian and foreign artists in 2016:

2 weeks = 300 EUR
3 weeks = 450
4 weeks = 600 EUR



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