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The Lithuanian Composers' Union rents the premises of the House of Composers located in the Žvėrynas residential district in Vilnius (29 A. Mickevičiaus St.). Built in 1966, the Scandinavian-style building designed by architect Vytautas Edmundas Čekanauskas is considered one of the first masterpieces of postwar modernist architecture.

According to the historian of architecture Marija Drėmaitė, "the building reflects Čekanauskas's fascination with Finnish architecture, above all, Alvaro Aalto's style, which is conveyed sensitively and consistently. In the exterior, the modern silhouette of the building is formed by a fashionable element of international modernism of the 1940s, a ferro-cement butterfly roof, and in the interior, a wide array of natural materials is used for wall lining: a combination of wood, red bricks, decorative plaster and glass."

"The interior is rich in motifs characteristic of Finnish regionalism: wall lining with narrow vertical panels, an unplastered redbrick wall extending from the exterior to the interior, a wide stairway without a banister, a monumental brick fireplace, as well as large ground-floor and first-floor windows connecting the interior and the exterior. The planking of the ceiling of the hall with curved planed wooden strips is almost identical to that of the auditorium of the Vyborg (Viipuri) Library designed by Aalto (1935). Modern bubble-shaped lamps were specially created from the cases of Saturnas vacuum cleaners produced by the Vilnius electric welding factory at that time", Drėmaitė lists the distinctive architectural and interior elements.

Kompozitorių namai
Foto: Rimas Sakalauskas ir Tomas Terekas

The building of the Composers' Union, a place of unceasing interest of architecture specialists, curious local residents and tourists, can be rented for concerts, conferences, rehearsals and other events.

At your disposal there is:

- A hall of 125 sq. m with approximately 100 seats;
- A room of 102 sq. m at the fireplace for coffee breaks and receptions;
- A hall of 38 sq. m with a cloakroom;
- men's and women's WC.

The hall is equipped with two grand pianos and MeyerSound 2.1 professional sound system. The entire building has rapid wireless internet connection.

Additionally we can offer:
- a video projector;
- a laptop computer;
- a mixer;
- a headset microphone;
- copying services.

Rent prices:
The first two hours - 50 Eur for hour
Each additional hour - 30 Eur

The Lithuanian Composers' Union is not a VAT payer, thus VAT is not added.

For bookings and additional information: tel. (8 5) 212 3611 or e-mail


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